6 Fengsui Tips for Your Bedroom: Better sleep thanks to positive powers:

We introduce you to the seven best tips for getting more relaxed with Fengshui.

1. Position of the bed

The bed is the central element of the bedroom, so its position is crucial to a positive Fengshui. So that you experience protection and inner security in your sleep, you should be standing with your head against a solid wall. Your sleeping place should also not be between two windows or windows and doors. Otherwise, you will sleep like “between a pinch”. Another tip: Do not hang heavy shelves, pictures or lights over the headboard. This is threatening and will disturb your sleep.

2. Nice view

Hang your favorite picture or a souvenir on the wall opposite the bed. With a look at a beautiful memory or a beloved piece, the day starts much better. The subject should be calming. Learn more about buying online at Bestmattress-brand.org by visiting it.

3. Less is more

Create a space in which order prevails and everything has its place. What disappears from the field of vision does not haunt you even at night. Therefore, according to Feng Shui closed cupboards, chests of drawers and bed drawers are recommended as furniture for the bedroom.

4. Set to rounding

Edgy or chunky pieces of furniture are taboo in the bedroom or at least should by no means point to your bed. Flowing fabrics, round armchairs, and carpets defuse hard, protruding edges. Curtains in front of the windows, bedspreads, and pillows made of dark fabric provide the necessary darkness to Yin.

5. No electronics, no metal

Banish any electrical appliances such as TVs from your bedroom. Mirror and metal increase unfavorable energy flows and should therefore not be in the immediate vicinity of the bed. The bed frame and the mattress should be made of wood and metal-free according to Fengshui.

6. Avoid water

The element of water is part of the Chinese doctrine for energy loss. Therefore, you should not position large indoor plants, indoor fountains and the like near the bed. Also, the bed should not stand on a wall with water pipes or on the wall to the adjacent bathroom.