Medical mattress, better known as antidecubitus:

An anti-decubitus mattress is a medical product that is used is a very useful medical product in cases of patients with the little possibility of movement or none. They fall within the National Classification of Medical Devices as they have proven efficacy in the care and prevention of pressure sores. Since this type of mattress has been classified as a medical device, families who purchase it due to serious illnesses can deduct its cost from the personal income tax rate.

But this is not what we are interested in understanding in this article, what we will be dealing with is explaining what pressures are sore and which are those at risk. Unfortunately, there are people who for one reason or another are forced for very long periods, if not for life, to remain in bed without any possibility of movement, the lesions to the skin or subcutaneous ones are called decubitus.

What causes pressure sores?

These injuries are caused by various situations, such as rubbing against the mattress of the patient’s body, the pressure exerted by the body on the mattress, stretching, and friction. These wounds usually arise in those parts of the body where the bone protrudes more and then apply stronger pressure against the mattress. When we talk about stretching, to be more precise, we mean when a part of the skin on the surface is pulled more than the skin underneath it, in this case, it is possible to cause wounds called decubitus.

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The various anti-decubitus mattresses:

On the market, you can find different models of anti-decubitus mattresses. Among the classic materials such as foam, widely used in cases of slight risk, we also find low continuous pressure mattresses, which regulate the pressure of the same based on the patient’s posture and weight, the low alternating pressure mattresses, similar to the mattresses at low continuous pressure, but at different time intervals, this is achieved by continuous inflation and deflation of the same which not always all patients like.

Then there are the slow-release air mattresses, which provide additional comfort to the patient by ensuring the prevention of problems due to skin maceration.