What does “comfortable sleeping” mean?

Every person gets older – every day! What is still unproblematic in youth (you can sleep on the most outstretched sofa), which becomes more important as you get older. You do not want to wake up with back pain or tension, but start well rested in the day. We call this “comfortable living and sleeping”. It has absolutely nothing to do with retiring to the peaceful old part. On the contrary, who cares about his body early, stays fit longer?

Why do I need an electric slatted frame?

When sleeping comfortably, in addition to the matching mattress, above all, an electric slatted frame is very popular. Who can afford it, buys such a motor frame – not who is old!

Partly floating in the minds of people today, the fairy tale of electrically adjustable slatted only as a tool for senior citizens in the head around. This is nonsense because just needy seniors put the benefits (topic: stand-up) in the foreground and not comfort.

But do you know stress less armchairs? These are TV chairs with various adjustment options for a comfortable sitting. Such furniture is not bought by people in need of care, but by people who can afford to live a bit more luxuriously. Every evening you’re looking forward to settling into his perfectly set armchair, reading a good book, working with the iPad or enjoying a great movie.

The same great feeling can be achieved with a good engine frame. Use the memory functions to store TV, reading or tablet position. Often you can now control the slatted frame directly with your smartphone. Does this sound like a senior bed? No, because this is about comfort and luxury for anyone who wants to and can afford it. Know more about mattresses and Learn about mattress types at Bestmattress-brand.

How much should my bed be?

Of course, many customers come to our shop to choose a new bed, which is not that low. Often it is argued with the age and in the morning not so well out of bed. Partially report that even people who have not even exceeded the 50th but let’s be honest: that has nothing to do with age! A bed with a low seat height is simply out.